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LWC Spooky Night Out

HellsGate Haunted House

3101 Canal St, Lockport, Illinois 60441, United States



Friday the 13th

September 2019


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Spooky Night Out

more about HellsGate

 HellsGate Haunted House has just been named one of the 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in the World by Haunted House Industry leader HauntWorld.com!!!

Since you were a kid, you've heard about the haunted house with the giant slide, the one hidden out in the woods, the one where you can win your money back, but you were never able to find it...until now!
This October, they are raising the bar at HellsGate, and bringing you deeper underground into the DRAGON CAVES!

Hidden deep in the woods, HellsGate is a multi-level mansion filled with secret passages, giant slides, ghastly secrets, undead abominations, really nervous groundskeepers and a darkness that the gate can no longer contain! After the shuttle bus takes the audience down a dark and desolate road, they will be dropped in a vacant lot and instructed to venture on to the torch lit path through the forest and cemetery in order to find HellsGate Haunted House.  This Halloween season, challenge yourself to a truly terrifying interactive experience, where you must not only find the haunted house in the forest, but you must then find your way out (hint: the only way from the attic to the basement is down the slide).  And for those who are able to keep their wits about them while trapped in the dark, if you find the key, your ticket is free.

It's not just a haunted House, It's an adventure! See why HellsGate is the only haunted house in Illinois to make HauntWorld's prestigious list.